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Recently Funded Projects

  • Football Blocking Sled
  • New Eagle Mascot costume
  • Soccer backstop netting system
  • Competition music for cheerleading
  • HUDL Software for Basketball Teams
  • Basketball Scorer's Table
  • Pole Vault Poles & Discus for Track & Field
  • KROSSOVE Software for Lacrosse Teams
  • Squat Rack for the Weight Room
  • Eagles in Action Day
  • Student T-Shirts for Homecoming & Winter Nest
  • Athlete Recognition and Championship awards
  • Engineering study and plans for new Athletic Complex
  • Continued education/training conferences for Coaches

The Nest

Coming Soon

Athletic Complex

Why Do We Need a Track?

Safety & Increase Risk of Injury

  • When the oval is too slippery or overgrown with grass and weeds, the track team resorts to using blacktop paved surfaces, like the access road between the middle and high schools for This is increases the chance of overuse injuries like stress fractures among our track athletes.
  • Existing dirt oval becomes overgrown with grass and weeds and as the surface is used, rocks and gravel from the under layers of the soil come to the top of the surface causing additional risks to our
  • The current configuration of the field and track are hazardous to spectators and do not meet ADA
    Delayed response to injured athlete resulted because accessibility to fields is compromised by the dilapidated conditions and outdated configuration of
  • The track team currently takes personal vehicles to Colby College or Lawrence High
    (Pictured below is the current status of the track)

Current Track

Impact on students:

  • In addition to the amount of time our student athletes commit to practice, they have to commit additional time for travel to either Colby College or Lawrence High School to practice.
  • To use the existing dirt oval, they also dedicate time to removing weeds and grass from the oval, clearing the dirt of large rocks and debris so they can limit, as much as possible, the risk of injury.

Why do we need a new field? 

  • In general, our athletic fields have deteriorated over the years and are adequate for practice if the weather conditions cooperate. Practices are often cancelled if heavy rainfall has occurred. A turf field would allow multiple teams access.
  • Title IX: Schools are required to: “treat female and male athletes equally in all respects, including offering equitable equipment, facilities, and coaching”. The current state of our field does not provide the same access for female athletes to facilities as it does male athletes.
  • Only football is able to use field. Limits the opportunity of other sports to have night games.
  • Youth programs have limited access to the field.
  • And no other programs use the facility.
  • Does not serve multiple purposes. Our athletic complex in its current state, can only support one team, for one-two games per week.
  • To revitalize the track and install it correctly, the field will have to be torn up to ensure proper re-grading of the area and to ensure that the drainage issues are properly handled.
  • The grass field is compacted, and it is difficult to maintain grass.
    (Pictured below is an aerial view of the currect track and football field)

    Current Ariel View of track field



The area where the track and grass football field is now located used to be trees and wetlands. All drainage from the school ends up in this location. The area was originally cleared for physical education classes around 1969 when the Messalonskee High School building was constructed. Stumps, rocks and debris from construction and clearing were used as fill for the area now currently used as the track and field. The original track was cinder. The football field was renovated in 2000 by the National Guard. Since then, little has been done to improve the drainage problems that exist. The field cannot support more than one sport, football, and the area is dangerous for spectators, there are no permanent restrooms and storage facilities are lacking.

The track is overgrown, uneven and in disrepair. The track team attempts to practice on the dirt oval when it is dry. No home track meets can be held at Messalonskee High School.

Despite being the only Class A school in Maine that lacks a track facility, the Messalonskee track team has been competitive. In the spring season of 2016, the girls team won the Community Cup and the boys team were KVAC Class A champions. The track program is the largest athletic team, with 60-90 athletes participating annually during the spring season.

There is currently no opportunity for community use.

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